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Sinus Surgery in Annapolis and Severna Park MD

Experience same day sinus relief with our in-office procedures

Our board certified Sinus specialists have performed hundreds of sinus surgery procedures. This procedure can be performed quickly at our two offices located in Severna Park and Annapolis for your convenience.

We're here when other sinus options have failed

Recurring sinus infections can significantly reduce your quality of life and compromise your ability to function day to day.  Are you suffering from acute sinus symptoms, recurrent episodes of sinusitis, or chronic sinus infections?  Do you live near Annapolis and have sinus pressure and pain, headaches, postnasal drainage, coughing or fatigue?

Don’t put off getting the sinus relief you need!  You can call today for an appointment with Dr. Lee Kleiman, our ENT specialist at Severn River ENT, to find a solution.  He will determine the real cause of your sinus problems and will work with you to develop the best treatment for your symptoms, your body, and your lifestyle.

At our offices in Annapolis and Severna Park, we provide personalized, advanced sinus and ENT care.  We use the most innovative techniques that include in-office sinus treatments as well as point of care CT evaluation of the sinuses.  Dr. Kleiman's goal is to care for your sinus needs with the best medical approach or surgical treatment combined with a quality patient experience.

Contact us today for a quick, convenient and safe treatment for sinus relief!

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Sinusitis Treatment Options

Sick of sinus pain and pressure?

Millions of Americans suffer from sinusitis--an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. This swelling can prevent your sinuses from draining. Mucus and fluid buildup inside the sinuses can lead to sinus infection and more inflammation and pain.


Sinusitis symptoms include:

  • Facial congestion/fullness
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fever
  • Headaches and fatigue

For many years, patients suffering from recurring or persisting sinusitis were left with two treatment options:

  • Manage their sinusitis symptoms with ongoing rounds of medication
  • Undergo endoscopic sinus surgery to expand the sinus drainage pathways by having tissue and bone removed with small cutting instruments

Office balloon sinus dilation offers an effective alternative for appropriate sinusitis patients who are tired of ongoing medical therapy and cannot or do not want to undergo surgery, but want lasting relief.

Why Choose Balloon Sinus Dilation

Gently reopens blocked sinuses

Office sinus dilation uses a small balloon to gently open and reshape your sinus drainage pathways to restore normal sinus drainage.

Instant relief that lasts

Balloon sinus dilation keeps sinus passages open, offering long-term relief from the problems associated with sinusitis.1,2 Multiple studies show that following the procedure patients experienced less facial pain, improved sleep, less use of antibiotics, fewer visits to their doctor, and were more able to perform day-to-day activities at home and at work.1,2,3

Convenient, comfortable office procedure

Balloon sinus dilation can be performed right here in our offices. A typical procedure lasts less than 45 minutes.

Quick recovery and cost effective

Many patients resume normal activities the same day.2 Depending on your insurance coverage, the in-office procedure may reduce the procedure costs you pay.

Are You Eligible for Balloon Sinus Dilation?

Make an appointment today to see if balloon sinus dilation is the right sinusitis treatment option for you.



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