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5 Stars

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5 Stars

Dr. Kleiman offers a microneedling facial treatment for stimulating elastin and collagen growth, which is key to youthful looking skin. I am 58 and have had a series of three (3) microneedling treatments and notice a significant improvement with the texture and firmness of my skin! In addition to the tightening the treatments are effective in diminishing dark spots visible on the skin.

The procedure itself is totally painless with a topical numbing solution which is applied 45 minutes prior. The actual procedure from start to finish is typically no more than 45 minutes. Immediately following, my face is extremely red but calms down dramatically within an hour. Following the treatment I was given a Home Care Kit, which included various lotions and cleansers to use on my face for the next week. Day two is not bad, maybe just a few red spots visible and tightening of the skin, easily fixed by applying the lotions provided throughout the day. Day 3 and 4, light peeling of the skin begins, but again is easily remedied with the lotions provided.

This procedure, by far, has made the most visible difference to my face after only three (3) treatments and absolutely NO DOWN TIME! I would highly recommend microneedling to anyone wanting to look years younger! Sandy K

5 Stars

Had a Septoplasty done in August of this year. Dr. Kleiman did a fantastic job. I had the opportunity to see both Dr. Kleiman and Valleri on post op visits and they both were very professional and friendly. Can't say enough great words about the staff as well. A huge thank you goes out to the entire staff. Thanks again...

5 Stars

On 9/8/2008 Dr Kleiman was put into the position of rebuilding my nose after 1/3 had been removed due to an aggressive cancer. He worked on me that day for 7 hours and completely reconstructed the missing section from my tissue and cartilage. I then went back at 50 days post-op for him to take down the live skin graph and wrap up the process. I have never been back since and have actually gained back 100% of the nerve feeling I lost that he stated will probably never return. His work and results are a miracle and I can't thank him and his staff enough. Thanks again Lee!!!

5 Stars

I saw Dr Kleiman for some chronic sinus issues and I am feeling very hopeful about his plan of treatment for me. He really listened to me regarding my symptoms and how I am constantly struggling with this problem. I highly recommend this office to anyone that is dealing with sinus problems.

5 Stars

Very pleasant office. My wait was not long and I felt that Dr Kleiman spent a good amount of time with me. I will definitely recommend this office for anyone in need of an ENT doctor.

5 Stars

It is so comforting go to a Dr. That really takes his time to talk to you and explain things. I saw Dr. KLEIMAN for a throat issue that was really worrying me. He was awesome and helped me through my anxiety and gave me great medical care. Really great experience.

5 Stars

Stepped into Dr Kleiman's office with a Groupon. I walked out with working sinus and looking 20 years younger. The staff is warm, knowledgeable and downright nice people, they hand held me through the entire process. Dr Kleiman is amazing!

5 Stars

I have been a paient with Dr Kleiman since 2000! I had previous rhinoplasty's, sinuses drained... all done in Pennsylvania with no results. He found I needed extra cartilage in my nose and did the procedure with ear grafting. I had great results and still breath well today. Dr. Kleiman has done fillers for nasal and mouth lines which look great. I only need Botox once a year. He is very honest and does not oversell services not needed. I had my first microdermabrasion a couple weeks ago and my skin felt and looked better after one treatment. I also had Thermage treaments years ago that still help my skin today. Dr.Kleiman is patient and caring. He gives great, honest advice. I have sent friends to him who liked him. I will continue seeing him! Thanks to a wonderful staff!

5 Stars

After my Thermage treatment the other day, my skin already felt tighter and lighter on my face. I am looking forward to the coming weeks as the benefits from this treatment increase. Thank you Dr. Kleiman and all your staff for taking such good care of me through every step. Your office is warm and welcoming and I enjoyed working with Valerie, Katy and Paula very much. BR

5 Stars

Earlier this week I had a Microderm/Fire and Ice at Dr. Kleiman's office. The staff was all wonderful and the PA who did the treatment did such a great job. My face looks and feels so much better, I can not thank them enough!

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